ACME announces a competition to design the uniforms of the Goya


The Association of fashion creators of Spain has partnered with the Academy of cinema and Adecco to convene a design of uniforms for the awards competition Goya. The winner will receive a global prize of 5,000 euros.

The Association of creators of fashion from Spain (ACME), the Academy of cinema and Adecco announced a competition for the design of four "couriers couriers" costumes (two male and dosmfemeninos) during the Gala de los Goya in February of 2014.


Such people will be bringing figurines to the couriers in the moment in which the winners of each of the categories are announced. In addition, will be directly returned the statuettes to the winners of the category "Best short film".

Can participate young designers and fashion students under 30 years old. Participants must design a complete set for man, composed by pants, jacket, shirt and tie or bow tie (optional vest), and a woman's dress, long and the height of the knee. The dominant colour of both garments should be red (pantone 479.d) and complementary colors black and white, being an essential condition that the designs contain the word Adecco in, at least, two visible locations.

The proposals received will be evaluated by a jury composed of the President of ACME, Modesto Lomba, Director of Marketing and communication at Adecco, Margarita Álvarez Pérez de Zabalza, the director general of the Academy of cinema, Emilio Pina, and the director of the creative consultant Pelonio, Andrés Aberasturi.

The deadline for the submission of draft ends Sunday, January 12, 2014.

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