Antonia Marcos presents his collection of ornaments inspired by the Japanese technique of "Origami"


Antonia Marcos, manufacturer of adornments for footwear, leather goods and clothing, with an experience of over 25 years in this craft, craft manufacturer offers a varied collection of ornaments inspired by the technique of Japanese "Origami".

The "Origami" born in the East between the centuries I and II d C is the art of folding paper to obtain figures in different ways. This technique like origami or cocotology is also known in Spain. This trend has a strong connection with the world of fashion, becoming an inspiration for big designers, who have moved to their creations by the catwalks around the world.

Antonia Marcos, real experts worked manual materials and textures, both traditional and new generation, dominates perfectly the technique of "Origami" getting beautiful reliefs, folds and volumes from leather, vegetable skins, textile or vinyl.

The result is a collection of original forms and a harmonious combination of colours, combined with proposals to the latest trend chart.