Antonia Marcos presents his new catalogue spring-summer ' 14


Antonia Marcos, Elche company specializing in handcrafted ornaments manufacturing

and accessories for footwear and leather goods with more than 25 years of experience in the industry has presented its new catalogue for next spring-summer 2014.

A complete collection that takes inspiration in emerging fashion trends; Rational, Real, creed and Eden...(Trends made by AEC - Association Spanish footwear components. more info here) synthesized all créac

ion finish care and great aesthetic value.

Made of first quality materials and textures of latest trend; formerly fantasy, raffia, jute, vegetable skins, feathering and recorded on laser, sheer organza, vinyl, Rhinestones, ties, organic prints, hand-painted details, ball faceted or ceramic with a satin finish or with a touch of paint, pens...

Antonia Marcos

committed in their new creations to a palette of colors varied, from relaxing and soft tones; Impeccable whites, which are softened with fleshy dyes in shades of almond, Petal Pink, sand. Not to mention the intensity of green, Orange, coral, Fuchsia and azulete, which takes leading role next season.

Motif is a detail that helps to differentiate the product, bringing added value and exclusivity to it, that is why, combining know-how, craftsman, latest technology and the finest materials cousins Antonia Marcos produces parts to measure, and customized, taking into account the needs and guidelines of the customer, helping you as well to create your own fashion with a single article.

Those interested in a small preview of the sample can consult it by clicking here. To see the full catalogue please contact Antonia Marcos calling 966 675 149, by sending an e-mail or by filling out the contact form.