Antonia Marcos presents his new catalogue spring-summer ' 15


Antonia Marcos, Elche company specializing in the artisanal production of ornaments and accessories for footwear, clothing and leather goods with more than 25 years of experience, has presented its new catalogue for the upcoming season spring-summer 2015

a complete collection of total today that takes inspiration from the macro-emerging fashion trends; Essence, harmony, memory, impulse... ( made by AEC - Association Spanish components footwear trends) synthesized and materialized them all in exquisite creations

new collection of Antonia Marcos advocates a palette of rich, fruity colors; poppy, mora, coral, fuxia, green, pink, blue, turquoise, Orange, sand, pastel shades and copper... without forgetting the intensity of conjugated with black and white golds, bronzes and silver.

Made in top quality materials and textures of latest trend; before fantasy raffia, jute, canvas degraded, metallic, synthetic furs, feathering and at laser sheer organza, vinyl, rhinestone, ties, faceted beads or ceramic with glossy finishes, and touches of paint hand-engraved

Antonia Marcos creates tailor-made, exclusive and personalized ornaments, taking into account the requirements and guidelines of the customer, helping you to create your own fashion with a unique product and quality, designed and created in Elche, the cradle of the Shoemaker trade.

Those interested in a small preview of the sample can consult it by clicking here. To see the full catalogue please contact Antonia Marcos calling 966 675 149, by sending an e-mail or by filling out the form