BCE renews its members in AEN/CTN 59 of AENOR.

The AEN/CTN59 is the Committee technical national of the Sector of leather, footwear and components for footwear

last December 4 was held at the headquarters of AENOR, located at C / Genova, 6 of the Madrid meeting of Constitution and renewal of the members of the Committee, among which BCE holds a vocalia.

The Committee aims to define, create, and unanimously approve national regulations, that will regulate rates, quality and safety of the products that are manufactured and marketed by Spanish companies of the sector of leather, footwear and components for footwear.

thus, the field of activity of the Committee extends a:
  1. raw hides and tanned;
  2. Products of leather;
  3. Footwear and its components: its aspects of terminology, characteristics and test methods, as well as the systems of measurement, designation and marking of footwear.
  4. Machinery for the manufacture of leather and footwear products. With the exception of: safety footwear.
The international relations of the Committee reached the following standards.
  1. ISO/IULTCS-International Union of societies of chemists and technicians of the leather industry
  2. ISO/TC 120 leather
  3. ISO/TC 137 designation and sizes of shoes marking systems
  4. ISO/TC 216-footwear
  5. CEN/TC 289 leather
  6. CEN/TC 309 footwear
With ACS membership to the Committee, be garatiza requests and petitions of the footwear components firms will add up to the Committee as proposals to be studied, defending the interests of companies in the sector, as well as to inform them of the rules that are currently in force.

for more information about the Committee at all times, either belonging to sector standards please contact us by calling at the 965.460.158 of the Association, or contact by mail aeecc@aeecc.com

source: Footwear Components From Spain