Create the national fashion award


the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism created the national fashion award to recognize annually the work of companies in the sector. This award comes on the proposal of the Association fashion creators, Spain at the fashion table.

The national award for fashion will feature five categories: national award for SMEs in the industry of the Sector fashion, to the great enterprise of the industry of the Sector of fashion and the entrepreneurship of the industry in the Sector of fashion.

Complete the list the national prize to designer fashion in two modes, novel and the path, and an award that will recognize the work of media, educational and cultural organizations, which contribute to add value to the Spanish fashion.

Premio Nacional de la Moda

the new award joins the national design award, which has recognized the work of Amaya Arzuaga, national prize of design 2013

the new award joins the national prize of design that gives the Ministry of culture, showing that fashion is not only the work of the creator, but is a rich sector involving companies and professionals of various kinds.

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source: Pinkermoda