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yesterday was officially the Spanish Confederation of fashion, whose first targets are promoting fashion in Spain, help in internationalization and working on the future of the reindustrialization.

Confederación española de la moda

chaired by Ángel Asensio, also President of Fedecon, the Spanish Confederation of fashion is made up of the Spanish Federation of apparel companies (Fedecon), the grouping Spanish of the genre point (AEGP) and of the Spanish Association of manufacturers of leather goods (ASEFMA). In addition, it has the support of the Federation of industries of the Spanish footwear (FICE). On waiting list are business Confederation of trade textile and fashion (Cecotex) and the Association of creators of fashion from Spain (ACME), which have expressed their interest to be part of this conglomerate.

the main objectives of this Confederation are three: energizing, internationalization and re-industrialization of the Spanish fashion.

the event, which took place yesterday in the press room of IFEMA, it counted with the presence of Luis Eduardo Cortés, Executive Chairman of IFEMA, which stressed the importance of an agreement in which adding efforts, will help recover the positive of Spain image; Ángel Asensio, President of the Confederation, which noted the need for the union's member parties in the sector to work in the same direction to help, as happens in countries such as United Kingdom, to join the Spanish fashion, to be perceived as an element of prosperity and economic value and FEDECON.

in addition, noted the need to promote the "made in" and the "made by" with the identification of the Modaespana (MN) not only in our country, but also abroad, as well as the challenge of the Confederation of retrieve manufacturing workforce, getting sufficient flexibility that adapts to the existing economic situation and thereby gain in competitiveness.

the presentation also included the intervention of Joan Canals, President of the AEGP, which highlighted as a priority objective the attainment of a system that favours the creation of value in the companies to give satisfaction to the consumer, as well as the need to focus the efforts of the Confederation in helping improve the competitiveness of companies in the fashionto get a few strong brands with personality, quality and presence both in the national and international market.

Felix Bellido, President of ASEFMA, said the importance of being competitive for power continue favoring exports, be it here to be outside, and was reaffirmed in that work was developing along the proper path.

the Director General of industry SMEs, Manuel Valle, closed the ceremony highlighting the need to get the entrepreneur to regain the role which should occupy as a generator of employment, facilitating his work with AIDS as the Government is boosting funding.

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