Cultural agenda: Fils per to the creativity of DMC


the 10th took place the official opening of the exhibition ' Fils per the creativitat´, located in the Centre D'artesania Catalunya and organized by the French wireless company DMC.

In the presentation, both Miquel Rodríguez, Manager of the Consorci de Comerç Artesanía i fashion of Catalonia as Domingo Verdeguer, CEO of Iberian DMC, highlighted the importance of the thread in the past in the present, and the great potential in the future, as it was in the area dedicated to the Art Work.

Fils para la creativitat DMC

entrance is spectacular. Attendees had to pass through a door full of huge colourful Hanks already announcing a different idea of what could be expected from the world of the thread. Boxes, balls, colors, beautiful graphics, advertising letters carried to embroidery, materials and works of more than 200 years old until the of today, all supported by projections.

The climax is the area dedicated to the 21st century where in addition to the new materials of DMC thread cotton Natura, Just Cotton and the new and first presented by DMC, wool Woolly, appears a number of spectacular and avant-garde art works created with threads, some recycled, by artists who participated and the Massana school and the University of Barcelona,.

This exhibition will be open until December 2013 8 day and during the months of October and November DMC has organised interesting workshops.

* For more informacion: centreartesaniacatal

source: Pinkermoda