Elche undertakes recognizes the business career of Antonia Marcos and Tecniplant

Elche companies of footwear components Tecniplant, manufacturer of templates for all types of footwear, and Antonia Marcos, manufacturer of adornments for footwear, leather goods and clothing, and collaborators at the Conference "Elche city of shoes", had a special recognition for his dedication to the craft and career yesterday evening Gala "Elche Emprende".

This event, being held for the second consecutive year in the Congress Centre "means the finishing of all activities aimed at fostering entrepreneurship developed during the current year, giving special recognition to Elche entrepreneurs and persons with entrepreneurship in the start-up of their business, to serve as a stimulus for the creation of new businesses and new jobs in the area of the economy of our municipality, enhancing the image of Elche as business city"in the words of the Deputy Mayor of enterprise and employment, Luis Ángel

La Mayor de Elche Mercedes Alonso Mateo was responsible for making the recognition of entrepreneurs and local entrepreneurs 2013, in addition to the"Local business career"award. This year have been granted recognition to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in four different categories.

In the "Entrepreneur of the month" was awarded the recognition of the entrepreneurs featured in each month of the year, 12 entrepreneurs, from January to December. In addition, offered recognition to the protagonists of "Elx with Idea" 2013, programme for the promotion of entrepreneurship in the sector of architecture, which has allowed the creation of ephemeral architectural works made with materials of shoes, and its exposure in public during the months of the summer of 2013. In this way, the award was awarded to the entrepreneur Andrés Alonso, the company Analco, for their outstanding cooperation in this project.

In the category "Elche, city of shoes", that it pays tribute to the shoe industry Elche, the honors were awarded to entrepreneurs: Francisco García, Exe Shoes, footwear manufacturing; Antonia Marcos, Tecniplant - Antonia Marcos Adornos, the footwear components; and the Cid, marketing of footwear shoes.

On the other hand, was awarded a special recognition to Juan Perán and Rafael Bernabeu, for his commitment to city society, and for his work developed, so disinterested, in the institutes of secondary school of Elche, informing young people the business of our city realities, mainly linked to the sector of footwear, and broadcasting, in general, an entrepreneurial spirit.

Finally, the recognition in the category of business career was granted to businessman Luis Mora, Mora findings, company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of footwear components.

-About Antonia Marcos and businessman Antonio López Giménez

Tecniplant founded Tecniplant in April 1985 getting started from that moment in the manufacture of plants for footwear. History of 28 years marked by a constant commitment to r & d, the use of raw materials of first quality and high capacity to adapt to the market, which has helped Tecniplant get great recognition in the sector by its constant effort to offer total excellence in their final products. The company is run today by Antonio López Marcos, son of Antonio Lopez Giménez and Antonia Marcos Sánchez, following the guidelines marked from the beginning but applying the advances of the 21st century in templates of the latest trend in fashion for all types of footwear, designed under scientific parameters applied to the comfort of the foot.

Antonia Marcos Sánchez, wife of the businessman, launched in 1991 its way in the manufacture of adornments for footwear, leather goods and clothing founding brand Antonia Marcos, in collaboration and support of Tecniplant. Experts worked materials manual, both traditional as new generation, Antonia Marcos factory creative handcrafted, custom, exclusive and personalized ornaments, taking into account the requirements and guidelines of the customer, to help create your own fashion with a unique product and quality, designed and created in Elche, the cradle of the Shoemaker trade.

Antonia Marcos along with David Lopez, one of their children.